Cause Concierge

Cause Concierge is a private experiential consulting collective lead by Ken Jones

Please excuse extended correspondence delays. Our key clients come first.

What is Strategic Human Resourcing?

In addition to providing data, software and operations support, the firm provides strategic talent management services to long-term clients as an added benefit. This provides the enterprise access to vetted and fully managed mission aligned development, operations and technology professionals.

When we first began the private Cause Concierge project in 2019, it became clear that our clients needed specialized support and expertise across specific functional areas. Since we launched this special project, we’ve brought on at least 50 global contributors at different levels to advance our work– they build dashboards, codify workflows, update and distribute our memos, write deliverables – creating, innovating and doing the heavy lifting as needed, when needed and if needed.

Cause Concierge scopes the need, creates the job descriptions, sources the talent, onboards and trains the team, deploys them as needed, and leverages their expertise to complete the work. This saves our clients the time and energy of taking that on and helps them avoid the pitfall of committing to permanent staff to meet short-term needs.

A growing enterprise cannot afford to get bloated or assign permanency to moving targets while scaling. Our dedicated Operations and Analytics leads, who are fully managed by Cause Concierge, are a banner example of what a successful version of this model looks like.

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