Cause Concierge

Operations & Analytics Lead

Full-Time in Fully Remote, US - Remote OK


The person who fills this role must be empathetic, data-driven, and decisive. This hire must be technically skilled and biased toward action, but also thoughtful in their approach. A willingness to curb assumptions and seek clarity is as important as the ability to push through ambiguity. As a manager, they must be nimble at delegating tasks and a thoughtful, clear communicator. They must have the ability to successfully manage projects that require strict prioritization or trade-offs.As the core of the organization, this hub facilitates change and growth through the right mix of business processes, deliverables, dashboards, and fierce internal conversations.

Work Narrative

Data integrity is the first of four core components of a successful enterprise. Operational data visibility, analytics, and interpretation is the focus of the data storytelling and visualization hub. The goal is to ensure that data is not a bottleneck to decision making, performance management, resource planning, goal setting. The data storytelling hub publishes an internal morning newspaper, Driving for Clarity, to help our internal owners build a data driven culture so that they can make reality based decisions on the delegation, allocation, and prioritization of resources. This hub works daily to ensure that internal owners have easy access to data and specific insights that help individuals successfully meet targets or manage up, down and across the enterprise.

As Operations & Analytics Lead you will contribute the creation of personalized content to inspire internal action and collapse silos. You will manage people, processes, technology, and systems to empower a data savvy approach to driving revenue. You will facilitate the flow of information to spark conversation and deliberate action. As a data storyteller you will communicating trends and use your fundraising skillset to find opportunities in the data to enhance revenue generation and reliability. Your work will ensure that internal owners can access the information and analyses they need to efficiently and effectively meet performance objectives and press send on deliverables.

The ideal candidate will have strong analytical and problem-solving skills; experience building workflows, automating processes and managing pipelines; and fluency creating high-visibility, relevant reports and dashboards.


  • Reporting and analysis: Develop and produce a suite of recurring reports (ie daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual); identify patterns and trends and provide actionable insights that help internal owners get to the heart of the matter
  • Data visualization: Produce compelling data visualizations and dashboards for executive-level review
  • KPI development: Contribute to the development of objectives, key results and performance indicators, and enabling data collection and collation for data tracking
  • Pipeline Management: Support relationships managers by defining, measuring, moves management and process development related to prospect and opportunity pipelines
  • Process improvement: Design, codify and continuously improve data entry policies, data management processes, staff workflows, and other standards
  • Accountability and Quality Management: Direct Data Specialists and Development and Finance Generalists, including hiring, training, mentoring, and performance management
  • Data Migration, Integration, and Reconciliation Projects: Partner with clients to serve as embedded migration liaison and accountability manager for many softwares including Salesforce and Blackbaud.
  • Financial reconciliation: Work with cashflow team to regularly reconcile gifts, pass-through gifts, soft-credit information, and ensure accuracy of funds
  • Roadmap Management: Manage the development operations roadmap and playbook
  • Data integrity: Develop and execute audit processes and oversee records management and data cleanup to ensure data accuracy
  • Vendor management: Manage recurring projects with vendors, including mail houses, conversion page builders, designers, marketing automation specialists, copywriters, storytellers, digital organizers, creative directors, consultants, and other third-party partners to ensure successful and efficient systems releases, rollouts, pilots, integrations, and upgrades
  • Performance Management: Define individual and team OKRs and KPIs and use technology to track, adjust and provide real-time visibility into agreed-upon performance metrics
  • Business Composition: Develop, document and implement data models, workflow standards, and recurring procedures to support business processes
  • Rigorous Critical Approach: Observation | Analysis | Inference | Communication | Complex problem-solving

Ideal Qualifications

  • Progressive experience in sales or non-profit development operations
  • Proficiency with bridging data gaps and synthesizing unclean and irregular data components
  • Facility creating custom reports and dashboards using complex database queries, exports and imports
  • Ability to use critical thinking and relentless investigative skills to persevere, navigate and analytically solve complex problems
  • Immediate consideration for those that have experience with Salesforce, including Nonprofit Success Pack and Pardot, The Raiser’s Edge, or Luminate Online
  • Familiarity with modern software development process – including configuration management, agile development life cycles, etc.

Ideal candidates have experience with one or more of the following:

  • Designing data visualizations using Tableau, LucidChart, or other business intelligence tools
  • Manipulating large datasets using Microsoft Excel
  • Building predictive models, automating analysis, and machine learning algorithms skill is a plus

Cause Concierge is a private experiential consulting collective serving executive leaders. Cause Concierge leverages its innovations to advance enterprise risk technology solutions for professional firms serving cause organizations. You will use your skillset to offer insights at the drawing board and produce written deliverables. We are a fully remote team and welcome applicants for this work from any location for hourly contract work. Your rate per hour
depending on value added and client need.